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Ambient food

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FSA developed a new strategic framework and brand positioning for a recently acquired ambient grocery business combining the strengths of the original business with the capabilities of the parent to be communicated to all stakeholders.


Our client is a leading provider of premium branded, private label and co-manufactured products within ambient grocery. Having been recently acquired from private equity by a large European family-owned business, they wanted to develop a new strategic framework and competitive brand positioning that combined deep market insight with the strengths of the existing business and the capabilities of the new parent. As a follow-on second stage, FSA were subsequently required to translate this strategy work into a clear and concise corporate presentation for use with all internal and external stakeholders.

FSA worked collaboratively with senior management to develop the business strategy and brand positioning through a series of workshops and interviews with the acquired business and the parent. This approach not only built a strong rapport and understanding of the business but also enabled a valuable perspective on integration matters. FSA worked flexibly with the client’s templates to develop a clear and concise communication presentation that has been extremely well received by all stakeholders.