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Pepsico with turnover of $63bn acquires £11m brand Pipers – What on earth is all that about?

Posted on: November 15th, 2018 by Robert Lawson

What does the acquisition by Pepsico of Pipers mean for food entrepreneurs? And if multinationals acquire brands as small as Pipers, is there any role for private equity to nurture early stage brands?

The Challenges of Selling a Family Business

Posted on: August 6th, 2015 by Robert Lawson

Selling Businesses is tricky. But the prize of doing it well is so large you would think more firms would focus on getting their sale processes just right. And for family owned businesses the challenges of preparing a business for sale are particularly tough.

Refresco’s planned IPO. Is this a failed sale process?

Posted on: March 20th, 2015 by Robert Lawson

Apparently Refresco, the European contract bottling company is now considering an IPO. According to Reuters, “Hans Roelofs, CEO of Refresco Gerber, said in a statement on Tuesday that the decision to list in Amsterdam comes after months of internal deliberation in which the company explored alternatives in order to determine the path that would enable […]